Eversfield Organic

Ellacott Barton, Bratton Clovelly, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4LB

01837 871400

Based on our family-run organic farm overlooking Dartmoor, Eversfield Organic offers a range of fresh organic produce for home delivery across the UK. We are proud to bring a taste of Devon and the South West farms to kitchen tables country-wide.

Browse the online shop and choose from our own award winning organic meat, including 100% grass fed beef and lamb, as well as our Roam & Relish charcuterie and bacons, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, delicious organic Jersey dairy produce, cheeses, herbs and ingredients. We also offer a range of organic selection boxes for a more tailored experience with us.

Here on the farm, we raise traditional breed beef cattle fed only on our luscious organic pasture and as such are 100% pasture fed for life certified. Our herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle is made up of some of the very last remaining ‘native’ cows left in the world, the results of our breeding programme, supported by the Rare Breeds Society. We believe the care and attention we pay at every stage from breeding to the life we provide our cattle results in the best marbled beef with incredible texture. We hang our beef for up to 28 days resulting in a wonderfully rich and deep flavour profile.

Our organic pork is derived from our rare breed Landrace cross Duroc sows and Large White boar, which allows us to produce classic bacon cuts as well as the finest roasting joints and cuts. Organic Lamb is reared here on the farm from a flock of mixed sheep comprising Romney Marsh and Suffolk cross Mules. The flock enjoy as natural a lifestyle as we can offer, roaming our expansive open pasture grazing on native grasses, wildflowers, clover and herbs.

All our organic fresh and dairy produce comes from specially selected organic farms from Devon and the wider South West area. We supply fruit and vegetables as seasonally as possible and only bring produce from further afield in Europe when we have no other option.

Animal welfare and the highest organic standards are at the heart of everything we do.