Membership Qualifying Criteria

Conditions of membership

  1. On application to Food & Drink Devon to become a member, a representative of the company will visit the proposed member to ensure they comply with the qualifying criteria.
  2. Membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining and will be automatically renewed on the date of joining (“Renewal Date”) for successive 12 month periods until cancelled by either party by giving written notice to the other not less than 1 month before the Renewal Date. 
  3. The company reserves the right to make spot checks to ensure conditions of membership are upheld.
  4. The company reserves the right to cancel membership to any authorised member if the board of the company deem actions taken by the member or products produced by the member bring, or have the potential to bring, the company and the brand into disrepute.
  5. The board of the company reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant if the member or the member’s products are not deemed to be appropriate for use with the brand.   The Board’s decision will be final and will have taken into account specialist technical information as and when required.

Sanctions against misuse of the brand

The company has a right to require members to immediately cease using the brand if that person or business is deemed not to be adhering to the qualifying criteria.

If, having moved to an area outside Devon and therefore cease to provide sustainable benefits to the area of Devon, and the party continues to use the brand on an unauthorised basis, local Trading Standards will be notified and proceedings may be instituted under the Trade Marks Act 1994.

In the case of any dispute, correspondence should be addressed to the Chairman of Food & Drink Devon Ltd.

Power to amend

The company reserves the right to change the regulations at any time provided that the Registrar of Trade Marks has approved such amendments. The annual renewal form will inform members of any amendments and proposed changes to the regulations that are to be implemented.

Qualifying Criteria for Members - farmers, growers, producers, processors or service providers of food and drink products

All Members wishing to use the brand must:

  • Be located within the county of Devon.
  • Actively promote ‘Love the Flavour’ products to consumers and customers by including logos on merchandising, websites, labels, menus, packaging, etc.
  • Follow sustainable business guidelines and make a positive contribution to the natural environment by reducing waste, saving energy, recycling, etc.
  • Supply up to date copy for publication via the ‘Love the Flavour’ website for use in the pocket guide by the end of February each year along with a completed application form and membership fees – please remember you are responsible for ensuring that the information and claims you make about your business are accurate and fully comply with Trading Standards.
  • Supply annual information regarding company performance and numbers of employees.
  • Comply with all relevant Trading Standards and consumer protection legislation currently in force.
  • Fully support and assist the association and its members in achieving its mission – ‘To make Food & Drink Devon a nationally recognised brand for outstanding sustainable food & drink.’

Hospitality & Retail Members wishing to use the brand must:

  • Source as many products as possible from Devon using products from at least 5 Food & Drink Devon producer Members. (Not applicable to Associate Members)
  • Be accredited, or consider joining, the Green Tourism Business Scheme. If not members, then comply with the minimum standards as set out in the GTBS Code of Practice for membership. Details available at:

Accommodation Provider Members wishing to use the brand must:

  • Be accredited, or consider joining, the Green Tourism Business Scheme. If not members, then comply with the minimum standards as set out in the GTBS Code of Practice for membership. Details available at:
  • Be quality rated by Visit Britain or a similar accredited organisation approved by Visit Britain or be favorably reviewed/listed in a publicly recognised ‘quality’ guide such as Conde Naste, Good Food Guide.

Producer Members wishing to use the brand must use their best efforts to:

Supply their produce to at least 4 existing hospitality or retail members.

Product types

Meat & Poultry:

  • Provenance – meat should be from animals bred, born, raised and finished in the county Devon
  • Animal Welfare – Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb, Assured British Pigs, Freedom Food Certification, Certified Organic or equivalent.


  • Eggs produced from chickens reared as above and packed on a farm within the county Devon
  • Bird welfare – Lion Code, Freedom Food Certification, Soil Association Organic, LEAF Marque or equivalent

Dairy Products:

  • Added value dairy products must be made from milk produced on a farm within the county Devon. Processing and packaging must also take place in the county Devon
  • Animal Welfare –Assured Dairy Farms status, Freedom Food Certification, Certified Organic or the equivalent.

Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables:

  • Where available fruits, nuts and vegetables must be grown, processed and packaged within the county Devon
  • Where feasible, traditional and heritage varieties of seeds and vegetables from the county Devon or the South West region should be grown. Where a UK variety is not available, the source of the seed or vegetable should be as near to the UK as possible.

Wild or Certified Organically Farmed Game – Including Venison:

  • All wild game must be caught or shot and processed within the county Devon


  • Sea fish, crustaceans, including eels, must be landed within the county Devon.
  • Sea fish should come from certified, sustainable sources as recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and/or the Marine Conservation Society or be compliant with in-quota restrictions where applicable.
  • A responsible fish retailer will have a detailed policy document which clearly outlines their sourcing policies with respect to both wild-capture and farmed fish.
  • Fresh water fish must be caught in stretches of the rivers within the county Devon
  • Farmed Fish must be grown, harvested and packed in the County Devon

Juices & Alcoholic Drinks:

  • If available, the primary fruit, honey or mead, which has been grown/collected within the county Devon or if not available in the County Devon from the South West Region
  • Where feasible the primary fruit, honey or mead is to be harvested from orchards, fruit farms, etc that comply with LEAF Marque, Certified Organic or equivalent.

Processed Foods – Jams, Chutneys, Cakes, Pies, Ready Made Meals, etc:

  • If available, the primary product of all processed foods must be a Devon product or if not available in the County Devon from the South West Region
  • The processing and packaging must be within the county Devon
  • No harmful chemical additives, artificial colours or preservatives must be used.


The Annual Fees for Producer Membership are based on theMembers’ annual business turnover as follows:

Up to 100k = £155 + vat
£100k - £500k = £230 + vat
£500k - £1m = £335 + vat
Over £1m = £440 + vat

Associate Membership: Any business that does not meet the Qualifying Criteria can, at the Boards discretion, become an Associate Member for a flat rate fee of £155 + vat per annum.

Group Membership: May be offered by the Board at a discretionary fee. Individual members of the Group can only use the Collective Mark if they become a member in their own right.

All fees are payable on a 12 month basis, memberships paid by Direct Debit will recive a discount of £25 + vat..

The Board reserves the right to amend fees by serving notice to theMembers.

An administration fee may be charged to joining Members at the discretion of the Board. Such fee will be decided and notified to joining Members from time to time.